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M31 Capital


M31 Capital is actively in search of a Head of Communications who possesses extensive connections across diverse channels and boasts a substantial following. In this pivotal role, this individual will be instrumental in rapidly expanding our presence into previously untapped communities and significantly broadening our outreach.



The Head of Communications will play a pivotal role in amplifying our message, expanding our reach, and connecting with diverse communities. Your responsibilities will include crafting and disseminating key messages, managing media relations, and ensuring consistent and impactful brand communication. Drawing upon your expertise, you will play a pivotal role in enhancing our public image, engaging stakeholders, and driving the successful communication of our mission and objectives. Your leadership will be instrumental in shaping our narrative and fostering meaningful connections with our target audiences.



  • Establish and drive a multi-channel communications strategy

  • Prepare and manage all communications material

  • Develop brand voice and maintain brand integrity across all platforms

  • Manage media relations and develop contacts with media members, influencers, and community leaders

  • Assist in the creation of digital, video, audio and print content

  • Track engagement across various platforms and make data-driven decisions

  • Manage presence at industry events, trade shows, and conferences

  • Create budget for communications team and ensure compliance



  • Demonstrated experience with a substantial and engaged subscriber or follower base across various communication channels

  • Proficiency in media relations, including established relationships with key journalists, influencers, and media outlets, to secure meaningful coverage and partnerships

  • Strong strategic thinking abilities, enabling the development of innovative communication plans that align with organizational goals and effectively convey key messages

  • Ability to adapt quickly in a fast-paced environment, stay current with emerging communication trends, and apply innovative approaches to achieve communication goals






Corporate Team

Public Relations

2-3 years (minimum)

New York City

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