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M31 Capital


The Experience

M31 Capital is hiring Investment Analysts with a relentless work ethic, non-consensus viewpoints, and an unwavering commitment to Blockchain technology's core principles. This demanding role provides selected candidates a highly competitive salary and top amenities including a driver, chef, food & drinks, while living and working in the Web3 Citadel, our luxury housing community right in the heart of Dubai.



The Investment Analyst will be responsible for independently identifying and researching high-potential projects and protocols across the crypto landscape. You will meet with founding teams, get exposure to cutting edge technologies, craft unique insights on these protocols, deliver research reports with proprietary valuation frameworks, and present findings to the Investment Committee. You will also get to heavily experiment with these new products & protocols, gaining first-hand insights by participating with them.



  • Proactively identify and source new investment opportunities by meeting with token project founding teams and contributors

  • Evaluate new investment opportunities through market research, product & competitor analysis, metrics analysis, and both technical & financial diligence. Produce institutional-quality research reports, including token deep dives and thematic reports on particular trends & topics

  • Continuously monitor the progress of investments, making & suggesting changes as needed, and collaborating with the team to support the existing M31 Capital portfolio

  • Actively contribute to the blockchain community by participating both offchain (organizing & representing M31 Capital at industry events, advising projects, etc.) and onchain (liquidity pooling, staking, voting, and various other crypto-native strategies)


  • Only the most exceptional candidates who stand out will be selected for this opportunity

  • Passion for and deep understanding of blockchain technology as a catalyst to change the world

  • Exceptional problem-solving skills and the ability to innovate in the blockchain space

  • Strong analytical and critical thinking abilities to assess and work with complex blockchain systems

  • Clear communication and collaboration skills to work effectively in a team of bright minds

  • Commitment to continuous learning and a proactive approach to adapting to the ever-evolving blockchain landscape






Investments Team

DeFi & Web3

0+ years

Dubai, UAE

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