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M31 캐피탈

비트코인 액세스 펀드

As an Investment Analyst in the Academy, you’ll be provided training, direct access to Portfolio Managers, and exposure to both our Hedge Funds & Venture Funds. You will also be expected to contribute from Day 1. This is a rare opportunity for the most ambitious students to jumpstart their careers with hands-on investing experience right out of the gate. 


Academy applicants each year


Academy acceptance rate


Graduates working in the industry

M31 Capital Bitcoin Access Fund, LP("Bitcoin Access Fund")는 비트코인(BTC)에만 간단하고 안전한 액세스를 원하는 개인 및 기관을 위한 수동 관리 방식의 장기 전용 수단입니다.

이 펀드는 개인 키 저장이나 수동 실행에 대한 부담 없이 저비용, 고 유동성 수단을 통해 Tier-1 디지털 자산 관리자와 함께 안전하게 보관된 비트코인에 대한 즉각적인 노출을 투자자들에게 세계 최고 가격으로 제공합니다.

세금 혜택 계정 및 상속 계획 서비스에 대해 문의하십시오.

Since 2020, our Academy has provided unparalleled opportunities for undergraduate students interested in Hedge Funds, Venture Capital, and Blockchain Technology to enhance their abilities alongside one of the world's most influential cryptoasset investment funds. We provide hands on investment training for individuals aiming to kickstart a meaningful investment analyst career with us, along with introductory programs tailored for students who are delving into the realm of investing for the very first time. 

With less than a 1% acceptance rate, the M31 Academy is designed exclusively for Tier-1 candidates with a relentless work ethic, non-consensus viewpoints, and an unwavering commitment to Blockchain technology's core principles. The program provides accepted students with a highly competitive salary and top amenities including a personal driver, chef, unlimited food & drinks, and housing in the Web3 Citadel right in the heart of Dubai.




Professor with Students
Discussing Over Documents


  • Work alongside our global investments team as they execute onchain strategies

  • Experiment with new products and protocols at the earliest stages

  • Build your own research and present new investment ideas


  • Learn from industry experts who bring real-world insights to your internship

  • Access to the latest research and developments in the crypto space

  • Develop a deep understanding of onchain fundamentals & alpha generation


  • Engage in one-on-one mentorship sessions with our executive team

  • Attend panels and events with investment professionals and senior leaders

  • Join a cohort of peers with diverse expertise and backgrounds

M31 Capital Bitcoin Access Fund, LP("Bitcoin Access Fund")는 비트코인(BTC)에만 간단하고 안전한 액세스를 원하는 개인 및 기관을 위한 수동 관리 방식의 장기 전용 수단입니다.

이 펀드는 개인 키 저장이나 수동 실행에 대한 부담 없이 저비용, 고 유동성 수단을 통해 Tier-1 디지털 자산 관리자와 함께 안전하게 보관된 비트코인에 대한 즉각적인 노출을 투자자들에게 세계 최고 가격으로 제공합니다.

세금 혜택 계정 및 상속 계획 서비스에 대해 문의하십시오.

The Role

As an Academy analyst, you will be responsible for independently identifying and researching high-potential projects and protocols across the disruptive DeFi and Web3 sectors. You will meet with founding teams, get exposure to cutting edge technologies, craft unique insights on these protocols, deliver research reports with proprietary valuation frameworks, and present findings to the Investment Committee. You will also get to heavily experiment with these new products & protocols, gaining first-hand insights by participating with them.


  • Proactively identify and source new investment opportunities by meeting with token project founding teams and contributors

  • Evaluate new investment opportunities through market research, product & competitor analysis, metrics analysis, and both technical & financial diligence. Produce institutional-quality research reports, including token deep dives and thematic reports on particular trends & topics

  • Continuously monitor the progress of investments, making & suggesting changes as needed, and collaborating with the team to support the existing M31 Capital portfolio

  • Actively contribute to the blockchain community by participating both offchain (organizing & representing M31 Capital at industry events, advising projects, etc.) and onchain (liquidity pooling, staking, voting, and various other crypto-native strategies)



Program Duration:

10 weeks


Academy Seats:

~15 seats per cohort



Dubai, UAE


Working Hours:

Full Time


Summer Cohort:

June 1st - August 15th

Deadline: December 31, 2023


  • Dive into market research and fundamental analysis

  • Learn how to use analytical tools and platforms

  • Assist in the preparation of investment memos

  • Shadow senior analysts and attend investment meetings


  • Prepare final project related to a real opportunity

  • Present your findings to senior management and mentors

  • Receive evaluation on your academy performance

  • Explore full-time opportunities at M31 Capital


Deadline: December 31, 2023

Submit your highest conviction Web3 investment idea. Top ideas will be invited to the second round of interview.


February 1, 2024

Pitch your investment idea to members of the M31 Capital team for a chance to secure a coveted slot in the Academy.

Must have a valid invite code


June 1, 2024

Accepted candidates will be extended an offer to participate in the Academy's immersive 10-week program in Dubai.



Application Timeline

Top performers will be invited to apply to a full time position

Web3 Citadel


Free room & board in a massive villa compound complete with a pool, gym, offices, cigar lounge & more


Complimentary food & drinks, fully stocked kitchen, and dinners provided by the villa's private chefs


Full time, 24/7, live-in staff including personal drivers, cooks, maids, and security for your convenience


Frequent Web3 & AI focused events held at the Web3 Citadel as well as tickets to local conferences & events


The Web3 Citadel is in the heart of Dubai, just minutes from every major sightseeing spot like the Burj Khalifa

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