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M31 Capital


M31 Capital is looking for a Research Analyst responsible for writing and sharing

data-driven research on various topics impacting the blockchain industry. These reports

will be generated on a regular basis and shared both internally as well as with the

broader public.


The Research Analyst will choose relevant topics of interest, regularly prepare data-

driven content, and collaborate with both the Investments and Marketing Teams for

support and distribution. The content may be industry-specific (macro tailwinds,

valuation methodologies, etc.), asset-specific (onchain insights, token

metrics/fundamentals, etc.), or thematic (specific themes or narratives).



  • Deliver client-focused research by writing reports based on analysis of internal & external data and industry news including but not limited to onchain and market data

  • Write and publish a regular blog or newsletter providing data-driven insights

  • Identify business, investment, and technology opportunities through engaging with protocol teams, as well as conducting independent research

  • Participating in the process of Whitepaper creation and other strategic documents

  • Proactively stay informed about market trends, opportunities, risks and new projects

  • Interact with project teams and industry subject matter experts to collect information and intelligence

  • Maintain protocol information and awareness of current and upcoming events, including: tracking upgrades, governance proposals, and various communication channels



  • Passion for and deep understanding of blockchain technology

  • Prior experience writing about projects in the cryptocurrency industry

  • Significant knowledge of the technical, historical, economic, fundamental, and financial factors impacting the digital asset space as well as the DeFi & Web3 sectors

  • Strong analytical skills for producing valuable research, and an appetite for learning and diving into complex topics/products

  • Extremely strong written communication skills to explain complicated topics simply






Investments Team

DeFi & Web3

2-5 years (min)


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